Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax: Frazzled! Sold Out

08 Mar

Ruby Wax is a much loved US born comedian, actor and writer, along with being the 'it girl' of mental health...

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Sherman Theatre

Love, Cardiff? We need your story

Do you have a City Road story?
If so, get in touch. Your story may be the inspiration we are looking for to help us build...

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Sherman 5

Sherman 5 is designed to give people who have never attended a performance at the Sherman Theatre the chance to do...

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Sherman Youth Theatre

Passionate about performing? Throughout the year you will work on various individual and team work exercises, voice and...

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Casting announced for Killology


Seán Gleeson, Richard Mylan and Sion Daniel Young will play the three roles in Gary Owen's new play Killology, a co-production between the Royal Court Theatre London...

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Iphigenia in Splott goes to Berlin and New York


Following hugely successful performances across the UK, Sherman Theatre will share Gary Owen's award-winning play Iphigenia in Splott with audiences in Berlin and New...

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