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Me and my Bee_Main

Me & My Bee

Gwe 29 Meh 2018 - Sad 30 Meh 2018

Mae cwmni theatr gwobrwyol, ThisEgg, yn eich gwahodd chi i achub y byd - un gwenyn ar y tro. Comedi newydd i blant ac oedolion.

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Magic Flute_main

The Magic Flute

Llun 02 Gor 2018 - Mer 04 Gor 2018

Mozart's famous fantasy follows Prince Tamino and bird-catcher Papageno on a quest to rescue the Queen of the Night's daughter, Pamina. An adventure that takes us to the heart of the human quest for love and wisdom. The singers and musicians of the...

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Blue Stockings_Main

Blue Stockings

Iau 12 Gor 2018 - Sad 14 Gor 2018

Caergrawnt, 1896. Ble y gall gwybodaeth gostio'n ddrud i un fenyw. Dyma perfformiad Sherman Players o Blue Stockings gan Jessica Swale.

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Na, Nel! Wwww!

Llun 16 Gor 2018 - Maw 17 Gor 2018

Yn dilyn llwyddiant ‘Oes Rhaid i Mi Ddeffro?’ a ‘Diwrnod Hyfryd Sali Mali’ rydym yn falch, ac yn gyffrous iawn, yn cyhoeddi mai cynhyrchiad newydd sbon Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch fydd yn teithio Theatrau led led Cymru mis Mai i Gorffennaf 2018...

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Stuart Goldsmith_main

Stuart Goldsmith

Iau 26 Gor 2018

Stu's back with some thoughts on how it all works out in the end, and whether anyone cares. A hilarious safari through rare diseases, mishaps with appliances, and the chance to convince your son you've got some sort of backbone. Taking in...

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Omar Hamdi

Iau 26 Gor 2018

The Welsh-Egyptian satirist takes aim at prejudice, racism, Islamophobia, and social and political misdeeds wherever he finds them. Equal parts smart and silly, his free-wheeling new one hour show about culture, conflict and dreams will be unlike...

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Matt Price_main

Matt Price

Gwe 27 Gor 2018

Friendly Cornish Giant Matt Price was going out with a woman. The only problem, is that she wasn't going out with him, so Matt spent a year or of his life looking like the world's worst stalker. The experience triggered a memory from his childhood....

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Larry Dean_main

Larry Dean

Gwe 27 Gor 2018

Larry Dean: Work in Progress is a preview of the brand-new show from award-winning comedian and writer Larry Dean. Following hot on the heels of Larry’s UK wide tour of his Edinburgh Fringe 2017 success, Fandan, and his Live at the Apollo debut,...

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Witness Milwr yn y Meddwl, a heart-rending Welsh language play examining the trauma of the Iraq war on a Welsh sold…
Tue, 19 Jun 2018